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Queer and Pro-Life

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This community is for anyone gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer - not conventionally heterosexual, that is - and pro-life. For the purposes of this community pro-life will be defined as against abortion.

This community is meant for support and not debate; therefore, membership is moderated. Anyone who breaks this rule will be banned. The same goes for anyone who makes any sort of prejudiced and/or bigoted remarks.

We aren't officially associated with The Pro-Life Alliance of Gays And Lesbians, but it's a cool site that has a lot of information.

A little about me, the community's creator and maintainer: My name is Marauder The Slash Nymph (marauderthesn) and I'm bisexual. Part of the reason I decided to start this community was because I got annoyed with The Advocate mentioning political candidates' beliefs about abortion; they way they wrote it seemed to assume that all queer people would automatically be pro-choice. I don't consider myself to be liberal or conservative, and I don't like people trying to tell me I should think something just because I find both men and women attractive.